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We value our customers. We work hard to provide you with excellent service, response time, and support throughout the entire process. Here is a small sample of what our customers think of us.


A big thank-you to Daniil at Tidi Travel for his excellent service in helping us renew our son's Russian passport at the consulate in New York! We are an American couple who adopted our son from Russia as a toddler. We want to keep our son's Russian passport current so we can visit Russia as a family in the future. Daniil helped us through the entire process, including translation services. He explained the process very well and prepared a file for us. After our visit to New York, he called to make sure everything went well at the consulate. He called again with instructions on picking up the passport-- with information about times the consulate would be closed for Russian holidays. His price was reasonable. His service was prompt and professional. I would recommend this service to anyone in need of Russian passport assistance!


I got Daniil's service first time and so glad I found this company. He did everything as promised and saved me a lot of nerves and time. I am sure that will use his services again. My Russian passport was expired. Daniil explained to me all process and walked me through it step by step.I am very grateful for the outstanding work and special to Daniil.


Excellent service: quick, efficient, excellent communication, knowledgeable, and caring. Helped me fast and the fee was very reasonable.


Daniil is a very knowledgeable agent who helped me pick my Caribbean destination! The hotel was great!


A little about myself: I was born in Russia, I was adopted at age 5, and I came to America. I soon became a U.S. citizen. From the age of 5 to 16, my dad had been renewing my Russian passport by going directly to the Russian Consulate (which was a long and frustrating process). When I turned 24, I realized I wanted to return to Russia and keep my Russian citizenship; which meant that I was going to have to renew my expired (and lost, for that matter) Russian passport. After doing extensive research, I realized that this process was going to be very difficult and time consuming (especially because I can't speak Russian and renewing my passport as an adult is an entirely different process). I needed a professional 'middleman' to renew my Russian passport. * I found Daniil online and I was very satisfied with him throughout the entire process. Our first conversation was extremely helpful; he clearly understood my position and outlined each step of what was about to unfold. I appreciated Daniil's demeanor because he instantly showed me he was very knowledgeable, to the point, and truly cared about his business. After that initial phone call with him, the process was very straightforward. He always called to inquire about certain documents he needed from me to keep the paperwork on his side going. I was also quite pleased that Daniil responded by phone and email with promptness. Overall, I'm truly happy with Daniil's work; I now have my Russian passport and ready to go to Russia.


Good service, knowledgeable, efficient, fast, caring communication. Very satisfied. Strongly recommend for others.


I received my 10-year passport within a month and a half - and I got to choose the date and time of my appointment at the Consulate! Thank you, Daniil. Dmitri, Boston, MA


Daniil helped me book and plan our wedding in the Caribbean! He recommended the resort, called Iberostar Grand. It was the best resort we have ever been to! Thank you Daniil!


I renewed my Russian Passport and got my husband a 3 year visa. It was very easy and Daniil was very helpful! Answered all my questions and followed up when needed! I would recommend this service to anyone. It also was a great value!


Daniil at TIDI Travel has helped me renew my passport. The service was superb. Flawless organization of the entire process, rapid preparation of all necessary documents, convenient appointment scheduling, excellent communication and followups. My new biometric passport was issued and ready for pickup much sooner than I expected. I highly recommend TIDI Travel. They'll certainly be at the top of my list next time I need a travel-related service.


My wife and I planned a 7 day trip to an all inclusive resort in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. We also had a group of friends that wanted to join. Daniil did a fantastic job at organizing the trip and putting us into a wonderful resort. The hotel, staff, food, and service exceeded our expectations. We had a great experience, I highly recommend Daniil for his services. Thank you!


I have used the company twice, the first time was in 2010, and the second in 2015. Both times the service was excellent! Daniel is funny (yes, he likes to tell jokes) and knowledgeable. Everything that was promised were completed on time, and even sooner. I would highly recommend the company since you will be pleased! Elena

Travel 1958

Russian zagran passport with no problems.


I admit that I was hesitant at using Russian Passports and Visas .com, but now I'm sure glad that we did. Daniil did a super job preparing the documents for my wife's new 10 year zagran passport. And this after her other zagran had expired. We went to the Consulate in NYC and the main person that my wife saw even complimented her at having all of her paperwork in order. If we have another document need in the future, we will not hesitate to use Daniil.



Jodie C

Danill was knowledgeable and true to his word. Guided us on phase 1 of securing our son's Russian passport - he said 3 months and it was 2.5 months. We have our appt with the Embassy in January. Thank you for your guidance and support! We look forward to securing our Visas and next steps for our trip to Russia in 2019!


Excellent service! Thank you!

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